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Before you get started, it's a good idea to make sure you have the following information to hand:

  • Weight and height
  • Photo of your face
  • Photo of your ID
  • Photo of your previous prescription or dosage label on the bottle

About you

Our doctors need to learn a little bit about you to help understand your condition.

What's your biological sex?

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Your health

We need to see if your medical history could affect the treatment options.

Do you smoke?

On average, how many units of alcohol do you drink in a week?

If you're not sure, you can calculate the number of units using our guide here: How many units of alcohol do I drink?

Have you been diagnosed with reduced immunity from any causes such as a bone marrow transplant or low white count?

Are you currently taking Probenecid?

Do you suffer from any conditions which may affect your kidneys or liver?

Do you have any of the following conditions:

Genital Herpes


Other immune problems

None of the above

Are you taking any medications to treat genital herpes, HIV or other immune conditions?

Do you have any known allergies to any medications or substances?

Are you pregnant or planning to become pregnant?

Are you currently breastfeeding?

Are you currently taking any other prescription-only medications, alternative medications or recreational drugs than already mentioned?

Do you have any other health problems or conditions that you think we should know about?

Cold Sores

These questions let our doctor know how Cold Sores affects you

Have you ever used prescription medicines to treat your cold sores?

When you have a cold sore outbreak and you don't take medicine, where are your cold sores located?

On the lips or the edge / border of the lips

Above the lips

Inside the mouth (cheek, gums, tongue)


Other part of the body

Select all that apply

Have you ever experienced a herpes infection/outbreak in your eye(s)?

We are unable to offer treatment for herpes in the eye. This condition is serious and should be managed by an ophthalmologist.

How often do you have cold sore outbreaks?

Does your cold sore outbreak come with any of the following symptoms:

Swollen and painful neck glands


Moderate to severe throat pain with swallowing, eating, or drinking

Weight loss


Painful or painless sores of the genitals

Other symptoms

None of the above

Some illnesses may look like cold sores, but are caused by something else.

Do any of the following apply to you:

I smoke tobacco and/or vape

I do not sleep as much as I should

I do not get as much exercise as I should

I drink more than 2 drinks per day

I am 20+ lbs overweight

I am frequently under a lot of stress

None of the above

Please provide clear pictures of your previous prescription(s) or the prescription label(s) on the medication. This helps our physicians to complete the medical evaluation much faster and helps us offer better care

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I cannot provide an image at this time

You can place an order without providing images just now but please send these as soon as possible to avoid delays to your order. You can email these pictures to or text them to (888) 772-2270 referencing your full name and your order number.

Is there any other information you would like to share with us, to help our doctors make an informed and a fair decision?

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  • I take responsibility to inform my own regular doctor of the online consultation or any changes in my circumstances.
  • I agree to the Medzino terms and conditions.
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