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What is Peyronie's disease?

Peyronie’s disease is fairly common with an estimated 3% to 9% of men experiencing the condition. It’s more common among older men and risk increases with age. The symptoms are not always ...


How firm is a normal erection?

Erectile dysfunction isn’t just about getting or maintaining an erection. It’s also about the quality of an erection. Many men with erectile dysfunction lose firmness slowly over time, lea...


Why is my penis curved? - Is this normal?

A moderate penis curvature is normal. In fact, a lot of men have a slightly curved penis and it’s usually not much of a concern – especially if sex isn’t painful as a consequence of ...


What is erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile dysfunction is about more than the lack of an erection. It’s defined as the inability to get or maintain an erection for satisfying intercourse. Sexual satisfaction is a critical part o...


Common & uncommon symptoms of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is fairly common among men over the age of 50 years, but it can also affect younger patients due to high levels of stress or sleep disorders. The condition is often misunderstood ...


How to get a stronger erection without medication

Erections are the consequence of a well-tuned interaction between brain signals, hormones, heart function and the action of blood vessels. Erectile dysfunction therefore, is often a sign tha...


Why do you get 'morning wood'?

Morning wood has little to do with arousal. In fact, one survey found that most men felt the erection was more of an annoying wake-up call than a pleasurable experience. In some cases, a morning erect...


Which prescription drugs can cause erectile dysfunction?

Many prescription drugs are known to cause erectile dysfunction. Unsurprisingly, it’s one of the reasons why more men above the age of 50 tend to have erectile disorders – they take more m...

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