What do men think about during sex?

Wouldn’t all women like to know

Trust me, every woman has wondered about this at some point in their life. Are they thinking about me or fantasizing about someone else. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t just a little bit curious. Let’s uncover this mystery that has been puzzling women worldwide.

“Is this really happening?”

For some men, not all men, this might be the first thought to enter their mind. For those with a loving partner, it might be a regular occurrence. However, for others that might not get it on a regular basis, it can be quite exciting.

“Don't come, don't come, don't come! Just a little longer!”

The most common thought during sex is trying not to cross the finish line too early. A large number of men are worried about premature ejaculation. It isn’t sexy. No male wants to disappoint their partner and this is high up on the list of sexual fears. Vaginal sex, on average, lasts about 6 minutes. Some men try and distract themselves with maths problem or other objects to prevent from finishing early. Sometimes a couple of drinks could help, but be careful. There is a fine line between helping and having trouble keeping it up.

“How do I look/sound?”

Is sex always sexy? The truth is it usually isn’t. Men are self-conscious too, and they do wonder how they appear during sex. Am I making the right faces, am I too loud? Should I try to dirty talk or just better to be quiet? Men don’t know what their partners’ like or find a turn-off. Their main aim is to please not repulse.

“Should we try some butt stuff?”

Anal sex is on the rise right now. In the US, according to the National Health Statistics Report on Sexual Behaviour, Sexual Attraction and Sexual Identity in the US, 37% of women and 45% of men have had at least one anal sex experience with an opposite-sex partner. Men are definitely curious, but are they confident enough to ask?

“Is that an orgasm?”

Sometimes it can be difficult to know when a woman has an orgasm. Men want to make sure they please but there is no right way to ask a woman if she has enjoyed herself. Sex isn’t always about having an orgasm. It can be just as fun without one.

“What/where is the clitoris?”

We can all agree that female sexual anatomy is a lot more complicated than males. Even if he is a sex god, all vaginas are different. The complexity of the vagina usually brings about a lot of confusion to men. It can take time to find it usually through exploration though hands or tongue. Be patient and explore. Use your partner’s reaction to help guide you in the right direction. Or even better, ask her to help you as women know themselves better. It never hurts to ask.

When done right, sex is beautiful, wonderful and fantastic. Take your time and be confident. There’s nothing wrong with letting your mind wander.

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