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Written by Dr Charles Sweet MD, MPH

Information last reviewed 03/17/21


What is an ADHD assessment?

An ADHD assessment is a comprehensive evaluation to determine whether you meet the diagnostic criteria for ADHD. 

How does the ADHD assessment work?

Once you submit your assessment, a licensed psychiatrist will review your information and determine whether you meet the diagnostic criteria for ADHD. If they need any additional information, they will send you a message through our website. 

Once the doctor completes your evaluation, you will be able to download a copy of your results from the Medzino portal. If you are diagnosed with ADHD, you will receive a formal diagnosis letter that you can take to your doctor for further treatment or to your employer for reasonable accommodations.

How long will it take to get my results?

You can expect to receive an email within 1-2 business days of submitting your order letting you know your evaluation results are ready to be downloaded from your account. Your letter will be a digital download and will not be mailed to you.

Can Medzino treat ADHD?

Currently we can only treat patients in TX and CA whether that's therapy or medication. Treatment (therapy or medication) for diagnosed patients in TX and CA will be through the Specialty Clinic of Austin.

Who will review the assessment?

On Medzino, the assessment is completed by a licensed psychiatrist with decades of experience in diagnosing and treating ADHD. If they determine that you meet the diagnostic criteria for ADHD, they will issue a formal diagnosis letter.

Can my child be evaluated?

There is no age requirement for our assessment. Individuals of all ages can be evaluated for ADHD through Medzino. If you are under the age of 18, your parent or legal guardian needs to complete the consultation form for you.

Can my insurance cover the assessment?

Although we do not not directly deal with insurance companies, the cost of the assessment can often be reimbursed by your insurance provider. You will need to submit an insurance claim directly with your insurance company. The information typically needed to fill out the claim details will be provided with your assessment results. 

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, if you change your mind and would like to cancel your order, please contact us immediately. We are able to cancel an order as long as the psychiatrist has not completed the evaluation yet. Once the psychiatrist has completed your evaluation the assessment is non-refundable. 

What is the difference between this assessment and an online screening tool?

While an online screening tool may help you determine whether you need to seek further evaluation for ADHD, it is not an official diagnosis like the one you would receive from Medzino.  

What is ADHD?

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common mental disorders affecting children. ADHD also affects many adults. Symptoms of ADHD include inattention (not being able to keep focus), hyperactivity (excess movement that is not fitting to the setting) and impulsivity (hasty acts that occur in the moment without thought).

How common is ADHD?

An estimated 8.4% of children and 2.5% of adults have ADHD.1,2 ADHD is often first identified in school-aged children when it leads to disruption in the classroom or problems with schoolwork. It can also affect adults. It is more common among boys than girls.

What is the difference between ADD and ADHD?

They both refer to the same disorder, although ADD is an older name.  The newer “ADHD” is actually AD/HD, meaning Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.  You can have problems with attention and/or problems with hyperactivity.


What causes ADHD?

Scientists have not yet identified the specific causes of ADHD. There is evidence that genetics contribute to ADHD. For example, three out of four children with ADHD have a relative with the disorder.

What causes ADHD in children?

Other than genetics, being born prematurely, brain injury and the mother smoking, using alcohol or having extreme stress during pregnancy are all possible factors for developing ADHD.

How ADHD affects the brain

While scientists have shown that there are differences in the brain size, networks, neurotransmitters, and brain development of children with ADHD, they do not fully understand how these differences lead to the cause and the symptoms of ADHD. 


What are the symptoms of ADHD?

Typical symptoms are making careless mistakes, being easily distracted or forgetful, procrastinating, losing things, fidgeting, interrupting and blurting things out. 

How do you know if you have ADHD?

If you suspect you have ADHD, talk to your doctor about a comprehensive evaluation. 

How does ADHD affect the brain?

Think of ADHD and concentration the way you do something like height, for example. Everybody has height, some people are taller, some are shorter.  Conceptualize concentration as being the same.  People that have ADHD have less ability to concentrate - that’s just how they’re wired.  

How ADHD is diagnosed

There is no lab test to diagnose ADHD. Diagnosis involves gathering information from parents, teachers and others, filling out checklists and having a medical evaluation (including vision and hearing screening) to rule out other medical problems. The symptoms are not the result of person being defiant or hostile or unable to understand a task or instructions.


Who can diagnose ADHD?

ADHD can be diagnosed by medical doctors and psychologists.

How can you get tested for ADHD?

Talk to your doctor about a comprehensive evaluation if you think you may have ADHD.  

Related Conditions


Both are different names for the same condition.  

ADHD vs. Autism

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex developmental condition that involves persistent challenges in social interaction, speech and nonverbal communication, and restricted/repetitive behaviors.

ADHD vs. Bipolar

People with bipolar disorders have extreme and intense emotional states that occur at distinct times, called mood episodes. These mood episodes are categorized as manic, hypomanic or depressive.

Schizophrenia vs. ADHD

Schizophrenia is characterized by a gradual decline in ability to function due to symptoms such as hallucinations, delusions and bizarre thoughts.


How to treat ADHD

Treatments for ADHD are thought to work in part by altering the levels of the neurotransmitters and changing how the networks function.  Stimulant medications are considered first-line treatment for ADHD in children and adults. 

What is the best ADHD medication?

There is no one “best” medication for ADHD.  Everyone responds differently to medication so it is important to work with your doctor to find the best fit for you. 

How to help a child with ADHD

Diagnosis is the first step, from there you can work with your doctor to develop a comprehensive treatment plan. 

How do stimulants help ADHD?

Stimulants, such as Ritalin, Adderall, others, help by making more neurotransmitters such as dopamine and norepinephrine available for brain networks to function at optimal levels. 

How does clonidine or guanfacine work for ADHD?

Clonidine and guanfacine (Intuniv) are non-stimulant medications that indirectly affect norepinephrine activity in the part of the brain that controls planning, focus and impulse control.

How does Adderall help ADHD?

Adderall helps ADHD by making more neurotransmitters such as dopamine and norepinephrine available for brain networks to function at optimal levels. 

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. You and your designated psychologist will communicate to determine a diagnosis. Your psychologist will provide you with tailored advice for your unique case.

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