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How is depression diagnosed?

Depression is diagnosed by a clinical interview, administered by a mental health professional. This clinician will ask questions about the client’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, inviting them to talk about the symptoms they are experiencing. These symptoms will be compared to criteria in the DSM-5 to determine if the client is experiencing a depressive disorder.

How is depression treated?

Treatments for depression typically include medication, psychotherapy, or a combination of both. Medications are intended to treat symptoms thought to be associated with imbalances in brain circuits that regulate mood. Psychotherapy helps a client overcome their negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors by creating a treatment plan that returns them to normal activities and generates a more positive self-dialogue. Best practices often indicate that combination therapy of medication and psychotherapy can be the most efficacious treatment. Medzino offers a convenient service for the diagnosis and treatment of depression at an affordable price of $99/month.

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