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How is Bipolar Disorder diagnosed?

One of our psychiatrists will assess your symptoms and duration using the DSM-5 criteria during your initial 1-hour-long evaluation. Bipolar I and Bipolar II exhibit distinct criteria. Diagnosis relies on clinical assessment; TeleMed2U uses industry-leading qualitative and quantitative diagnostic tools. Bipolar I requires manic and depressive episodes, impacting daily life whilst Bipolar II involves hypomania and depression. Cyclothymia needs milder symptoms over two years. Our psychiatrists evaluate symptom history, duration, and impact, aiding accurate identification of bipolar disorder types. Whether you used TeleMed2U or another provider, Biploar disorder is a complex condition and must be assessed and diagnosed properly by a qualified and trained clinician. Our psychiatrists have decades of experience diagnosing and treating Bipolar patients.

How is Bipolar treated?

Bipolar disorder is managed with mood stabilizers and/or atypical antipsychotics. A TeleMed2U psychiatrist will develop a personalized treatment plan that takes a whole-person approach to therapy incorporating lifestyle changes coupled with proven medical therapies. In addition to medication management, therapy is also an effective short-term option for immediate distress and long-term therapy for complex issues over months.



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