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  • Online video appointments
  • Regular expert check-ins
  • Unlimited messaging with your provider
  • Remote patient monitoring, if applicable

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Diabetes Care Program

  • Visit with a Clinical Diabetes Specialist and an Endocrinologist
  • Remote patient monitoring if applicable
  • Regular messaging and support provided by licensed medical staff
  • Constant monitoring of blood glucose measures
  • Regular patient education messages based on your treatment plan
  • CGM may be covered under your insurance and we'll help with that


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What is the Diabetes Care Program?

With our Diabetes Care Program you will have virtual visits with both
a) Endocrinologist or expertly trained Physician Assistants.
b) Clinical Diabetes specialist who will provide additional support, health education and advice to help you succeed.

For your first visit, you will be scheduled with an Endocrinologist and a clinical diabetes specialist. Similar to an office-based visit, you may receive prescription medications and lab orders as well as an order for a continuous glucose monitor. After the initial visit you will be scheduled for all subsequent visits for the rest of the year. In between scheduled visits, you will have seamless access to communicate with your care team. We may recommend medication or lifestyle adjustments.

What will be included in the program?

  • Convenient access to Endocrinologists and clinical diabetes specialists.
  • Easy access to your care team—simply send us a text.
  • Complete care for your diabetes including prescriptions, lab orders and regular follow-ups.
  • Remote monitoring of your blood sugars so that we can provide support, even in between appointment times.
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Have questions about the Diabetes Care Program?

Talk to Diabetes Expert CareTeam : 909-474-2368
Time : Mon-Fri 9-5pm PST
For any other questions or appointment-related inquiries.
Talk to our Friendly Desk Coordinator :(888) 772-2270
8am–5pm CT, Monday–Friday.


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