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Does Hormonal Birth Control Cause Acne?

In women, adult acne can be especially problematic due to hormonal fluctuations and menopause. Luckily, there are safe and effective options to combat persistent breakouts, helping to achieve clearer skin and boosted confidence.

Acne Treatment

Erectile dysfunction in your 20s

In young men, ED is likely to be related to stress, or lifestyle choices, such as drinking and smoking too much, but occasionally it can be an early indicator that something a little more serious may be happening, so it’s important to investiga...

Erectile Dysfunction

Using spermicide for birth control

Ever wondered whether you can boost the pregnancy preventing powers of your regular contraceptive method? Perhaps you have wished for protection to actually be fun? If so, using spermicide may be an option for you.

Birth Control

How to tell if your vagina is healthy

In this article, we venture down south and check in with what makes up a healthy vagina, and warning signs that mean you ought to make an appointment with your gynecologist, pronto.     

Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment

What you need to know about the birth control shot

Hormonal methods of birth control (contraception) contain female hormones in the form of either estrogen and progestin, or progestin only. They are a safe and reliable way to prevent pregnancy for most women and include an implant, an intrauterine de...

Birth Control

Male birth control

Men are more limited than women when it comes to contraceptive methods. This is due to a combination of reasons. Traditionally the focus of pregnancy has been that it is a women’s issue and responsibility has been shifted to women in this regar...

Birth Control

How birth control can affect your libido

It is estimated that around 40% of women in the United States experience some form of sexual dysfunction at some point in their lives, including reduced sex drive (libido). Since the introduction of birth control pills in the 1960s, the potential imp...

Birth Control

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