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How to calm anxiety?

It’s virtually impossible to go through life without occasionally feeling anxious about certain situations, people and things. Whether it’s about personal health concerns in times of COVID...


What is the best medicine for anxiety and panic attacks?

Occasional feelings of anxiety and panic attacks are normal and, to a degree, a healthy biological response of our brains to sudden changes and difficulties we face in our lives. In everybody’s ...


How quickly does Propranolol work for anxiety?

Since the beginning of time, stress and anxiety have always been and will continue to be, a part and parcel of life. For our hunter-gatherer ancestors, escaping from predators or physical danger are p...


What does an anxiety attack feel like?

Shaking, nausea, sweating, a pounding or racing heart, and a tight chest: If these symptoms sound familiar then you’ve probably had an anxiety attack at some point. In the midst of such an inten...


When does anxiety need medication?

Anxiety is a normal part of life and, in the right moments, can be critical for our survival by warning us of a clear and present danger. In many ways, anxiety can be compared to a guardian angel that...


Benzodiazepines vs Propranolol - which drugs work best for performance anxiety?

Performance anxiety is a common psychological condition that comes in many shapes. It includes stage fright (when you have to speak or perform in front of a large or unfamiliar audience), test anxiety...

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