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Vitamin deficiency

When it comes to hair loss, we are bombarded with information. Whilst there’s a lot of useful advice available online, some tips and recommendations are dubious at best.


What causes hair loss?

If you’re wondering why your hair may be thinning, you may be quick to search for an answer online. But the Internet is filled with shady myths about male pattern baldness, and what causes hair ...


How to shave your head when you're going bald

Yet, embracing a shaved head is one of the most freeing things men can do after going bald. According to a poll by Men’s Health magazine, 68% of men believe it’s best to shave a balding he...


Why vitamins won't help with your hair loss

Biotin (or vitamin B7) has gained a reputation as the beauty supplement for healthy hair, strong nails, and supple skin. Yet there’s almost no evidence to suggest that biotin actually works. Mor...


Everything you need to know about iron deficiency and hair loss

Iron deficiency anaemia is one possible cause of hair loss in men and women. There are several options available to effectively treat this condition including dietary changes, medication and clin...

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