Lisinopril and alcohol

Can you drink while taking Lisinopril?


While Lisinopril is very effective at reducing blood pressure, protecting kidney function and in some cases, improving heart muscle function, it may be less effectuve or cause adverse effects when combined with acohol.

Lisinopril lowers your blood pressure by relaxing smooth muscle in your blood vessel walls. That’s ideal for treating various heart conditions and hypertension, but when you combine it with alcohol, significant advere effects may ensue.

Alcohol can counteract the effects of lisinopril, preventing effective treatment of high blood presssure.  Conversely, both alcohol and lisinopril can lower blood pressure.  Drinking alcohol while taking lisinopril can therefore lead to abnormally low blood pressure and related symptoms, such as lightheadedness and even fainting.

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Other side effects due to lisinopril may be more likely to occur from combinig the two.  These include nausea, headaches, chest pain, psoriasis and flu-like symptoms.

If you plan on drinking alcohol while taking lisinopril, talk to your doctor.  You may be in good health, in which case your doctor may allow you to drink small amounts of alcohol while taking this medication. However, you will need to drink in moderation and follow your doctor’s advice precisely to avoid any serious side effects.

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