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How many times can you take the morning after pill?

The morning after pill is an emergency contraceptive. This means it is designed to be used on a one-off basis when you have forgotten to use other forms of birth control or your contraceptives failed ...


Annovera: birth control ring

Vaginal rings are transparent plastic rings that are placed in the vagina where they release two types of hormones – estrogen and progesterone. They are 99% effective in preventing pregnancy if ...


Can you use birth control pills as emergency contraception?

If you’re worried about pregnancy after unprotected sex, the morning-after or emergency contraceptive pill is available in pharmacies across the country. The emergency pill can be taken up to 12...


What should I do if I throw up after taking birth control?

Feeling sick or nauseous can be very distressing. If you can’t keep any food down, you may be worried about vomiting after taking your birth control pill. But what are the risks of getting pregn...


How to alleviate PMS symptoms

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is marked by physical and psychological symptoms and usually occurs a week before menstruation. A majority of women (90%) get PMS at some point in their lives. Although onl...


How much does birth control cost without insurance?

If you are reading this, you want to have more control over your birth control.  Understanding how much your choice of pill, diaphragm, spo...


Combined pill vs the mini pill

The contraceptive pill is a popular method for women to avoid pregnancy. If used correctly, the pill is 99% safe in preventing pregnancy. The pill is the most commonly used oral contraceptive and 25% ...


I'm on birth control and I'm spotting - what does this mean and why does it happen?

Spotting or intermenstrual bleeding is defined as light bleeding during the times when you’re not menstruating. It is completely normal among women who are taking the pill. One study of women ta...

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