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Is there an age limit for birth control pills?

This question not only applies to pills but also birth control patches and vaginal rings, since they all are based on the same hormonal treatment approach: they all raise estrogen and progestin levels...


All you need to know about vaginal rings (NuvaRing)

The vaginal ring is one of many birth control options and, just like the pill and contraceptive patches, it’s based on two hormones; estrogen and a progestin (ethinylestradiol and etonogest...


Important things to know before using a birth control patch

A birth control patch (often also called a contraceptive patch) is a patch that is applied externally to the skin and releases hormones (estrogen and a form of progestogen called progestin) in order t...


Coronavirus and pregnancy

While there are no definitive answers as to how the coronavirus affects the mother and child during pregnancy, pregnancy can be a time where individuals are more vulnerable and susceptible to viral re...


Breast-feeding as birth control

When breastfeeding is used as a method of birth control, it is referred to as the lactational amenorrhea method (LAM). LAM can be used as soon as the baby is born. It can feel a little unfamiliar in t...


The basics of how to use an internal condom

An internal condoms looks and feels like a traditional condom, but it’s a bit larger than the latter. This is because, rather than being pulled over the man’s penis, an internal condom (al...


What you need to know before using a Caya diaphragm?

The Caya diaphragm is a contraceptive device that protects you against accidental pregnancy. It does not however, protect against sexual transmitted diseases. The Caya diaphragm is made out of nylon a...


What you need to know before using an internal condom?

As the name already implies, an internal condom is a safer sex and contraceptive device that works just like a regular condom but is applied internally inside the vagina. It sometimes also has been ca...

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