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When does Viagra expire?

Like most other medications, Viagra (called sildenafil when in generic form) becomes less effective the longer it is stored.  With time, the drug’s active chemical ingredients degrade and t...

Premature Ejaculation

Does Viagra make you last longer?

Viagra and its generic form, sildenafil, are prescribed to millions of men every year to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). The drug was first approved as an ED treatment in 1998 — after initially...

Premature Ejaculation

What is a penis sleeve?

Penis sleeves - have you heard of them before? How about a cock sleeve or penis extender? Essentially, a penis sleeve is exactly what sounds like. A wearable sleeve on your penis, kind of like a weara...

Erectile Dysfunction

Ejaculation Problems

As is the case with many sexual health issues, people who suffer are often reluctant to talk about it. It is reported that sexual dysfunction of some sort is experienced by 31% of men at some point in...

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Do hats cause hair loss?

Genetics and hormones are the main players in the hair loss game, with other factors such as medical conditions, diet and lifestyle factors, medications, stress, and tight hairstyles also being minor-...

Hair Loss Treatment

Fact or fiction: do hair loss shampoos work to stop hair loss?

Don’t get us wrong, not all hair care products alleging thick, lustrous hair are bogus, but you still have to use them with a pinch of salt (no, not literally). The best way to make sure you are...

Hair Loss Treatment

What is DHT — and how do DHT blockers work?

Hair loss especially is men is something most men expect but it’s still embarrassing. You’re frantically searching the internet for some cure or treatment, hours reading medical pages. You...

Hair Loss Treatment

Erogenous zones for women

An erogenous zone is a place or area of your body that is highly sensitive to touch and can trigger a sexual response, such as getting you aroused, giving a goosebumps feeling or other pleasant sensat...

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