What is a penis sleeve?

What are they used for and what do they do?


Penis sleeves - have you heard of them before? How about a cock sleeve or penis extender? Essentially, a penis sleeve is exactly what sounds like. A wearable sleeve on your penis, kind of like a wearable dildo. It is used as a way to increase the length or girth of the penis. They are usually very realistic and have life-like features, though this ultimately depends upon the brand of the penis sleeve. 

Depending on the manufacturer, the penis sleeve can be made of a variety of materials. These can include soft silicone, rubber, and latex. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. 

The wearer normally fits the penis sleeve over his penis. Some penis sleeves may have extra support and are held in place with ‘ball straps’ (loops that fit about the testicles). Some sleeves may even have extra and added features such as vibration, which can help enhance sexual intercourse. 

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Why use penis sleeves?

Penis sleeves were originally made for men with erectile problems. They were developed in the 60s to help men last longer before medications like Viagra were invented. Nowadays, with the miracle of modern medicine, medications like Viagra and Cialis are the go-to treatments to help erectile dysfunction and the penis sleeve is falling out of use. However, if medications don’t work for you, or if you simply enjoy using the penis sleeve as a sex toy, they can offer multiple additional benefits to sexual intercourse. Penis sleeves are useful when you want to continue having sex after ejaculation or are simply having trouble keeping an erection. 

For men with erectile dysfunction, the penis sleeve offers the benefit of longer penetrative sex and reduced anxiety around sexual intercourse. However, men without erectile dysfunction also like to experiment with penis sleeves as sex toys to spice up their sex life. Penis sleeves help you last longer in bed as they reduce sensation felt in the penis compared to sex without the sleeve, however, they are thin enough that sensation can still be felt upon penetration. 


How to use it?

Penis sleeves come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can easily find them online either on Amazon or eBay or even in sex toy shops. The size and shape of the penis sleeve you purchase depend upon your preference. You could also find out your partner’s perspective and discuss what you are looking for visually in a sleeve, whether you prefer length or girth, or what you want sensation-wise. Penis sleeves are not stand-alone sexual toys and can be used alongside other toys like vibrators or cock rings. When applying a penis sleeve to yourself, applying lube inside the sleeve can increase sensation and stimulation of the glans (tip) and shaft. 

If you are looking at penis sleeves to help with your erectile dysfunction, it is a good alternative to medications, however, it is not a classic treatment option for erectile dysfunction like Viagra or Cialis. What you like to use to help you combat your erectile dysfunction is entirely up to you and your body. Some people prefer to take medications while others try to find natural alternatives. It is good for you to try the different options out there and decide what suits you best.

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