10 home improvements for better sex

Practical and quirky ways of improving your sex life starting from your home.



Ideally, you would want a soft light that is not directly overhead. Lamps and wall mounted lights are your friends. The diffuse light will help create a relaxing mood, letting you feel comfortable and confident which will come across to your partner. Unsurprisingly, positive thoughts from a woman about her partner’s body can predict sexual satisfaction in that woman.  If you want to take it up a notch, you can buy lights that you can control (e.g., lights which can be dimmed using your smartphone).


If you are a man, wearing red may increase the chances that a woman will find you romantically attractive,

Colors inside your home may also have an effect.  A survey found that having purple walls may increase the amount of sex you have each week. For example, individuals with purple walls have sex 3.49 times per week on average, compared to 1.97 times for individuals with beige walls. Armed with the knowledge that beige walls can make for a beige sex life, you may want to consider redecorating.


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Playing background music (that is not blaring and distracting) is another way to enhance your sex life. Music can turn your partner on as much as touching or feeling, provided it’s music that is suited to their taste.  Music is seductive, and the ability to play an instrument is almost universally attractive. Signing up for a streaming service is a great idea, and go premium to avoid those pesky commercials.


Now you have your partner’s eyes and ears, why not their nose? Certain smells are great at eliciting arousal. Liquorice and cucumber, for example, can increase arousal by 13%. Hand wash, candles and room sprays are good ways to achieve a scent that your partner may find sexually engaging.


Assuming you’re an apt mixologist, why not whip up an amazing cocktail to impress your partner. Keep in mind however that moderation is important, as too much alcohol will compromise your sexual function.


As with music, bear in mind your partner’s likes and dislikes. If they want something beside the bed, make an effort to keep it ready. Stock up on spare towels and gender-neutral bath products, as your partner may want to take a shower.

Lack of distractions

No-one wants to hear your phone constantly buzzing or be placed on edge by gaps in your curtains. Make sure you have enough privacy to really get comfortable. Unsurprisingly a study showed that sexual arousal decreases when an erotic stimulus is paired with a distracting cognitive task.

Clean room

Remember the cucumber smell we talked about earlier. It alludes to freshness and cleanliness. Nobody wants intimacy in a malodorous, disorganised, mess of a bedroom. Remove any clutter and obstacles, after all, you might want some fun around the room. If you live with a partner, make sure you share the housework equally so you don’t argue. Those that do have 36% more sex than those that don’t.  


Preparation is key. Keep condoms handy, and if your partner is male, try to keep some different sizes. This will demonstrate that you are willing to look after your own health and the health of your partner.  Stock up on  water-based vaginal lubricant and always have spare T-shirts that your partner can sleep in. Being considerate will make your partner feel more attracted to you.

Fun stash

Why not keep a drawer of sex toys if you and your partner are comfortable trying them out.  Sex toys are great as they can take some of the pressure off of you and your partner.  Women often need a longer time than men to achieve orgasm, so making sure you are both relaxed is a good idea. With sex toys you can often achieve multiple orgasms, and exploring your bodies will spice things up.



Get into the habit of improving your home environment so that when it is time for some action you both feel mutual satisfaction. Engaging the senses and being prepared and thoughtful for your partner are key themes here.




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