Is my penis normal?

It probably is but if you're worried, check out these guides.


It’s a common question and most men will ask themselves at some point in their lives: is my penis normal? Normal in this context usually throws up more questions including:

  • What is the average penis size?
  • Why is my penis curved? Is this normal?
  • How firm is a normal erection?
  • How to measure your penis?
  • Is it possible to break your penis?
  • What are the best sex positions for men with smaller penises?
  • What is erectile dysfunction (ED)?

It’s important to stay well informed when it comes to all things sexual health. There is a lot of misinformation circulating about average penis size, sexual performance, and erectile dysfunction. Some men, for example, believe that women are only attracted to man large packages. Yet, 85% of women in partnerships said they were satisfied with their partner’s penis size. Keep up communication with your sexual partner to find out more about their preferences.

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Erectile dysfunction, a strongly curved penis or pain during sex are powerful indicators that something is wrong. Yes, conditions like erectile dysfunction are linked to serious health issues such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure or low testosterone levels. If detected early, these conditions are treatable. But it’s important that you seek help from a doctor as soon as you notice something is wrong.


There’s probably no such thing as a ‘normal’ penis. What’s important is that you have a healthy one.



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