Can you buy birth control online?

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Where should I start looking for birth control?

When trying birth control for the first time, it’s recommended that you see your regular doctor or gynecologist to discuss the available options; everything from vaginal rings and patches to the more old-fashioned contraceptive pills. Condoms are one of the safest choices, are widely available, and also protect against sexually transmitted infections (STI).  However, once you are in a long-term relationship and feel it's safe to stop using condoms, but still too early to have kids, there are a multitude of reliable contraceptive options.  In fact, 77% of women of reproductive age in the U.S. use some form of contraception.

Your doctor will help you choose the best option for you, and can work with you should the initial choice prove to be less suitable than expected. 

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How to buy birth control online?

Once you have settled on a certain type of contraceptive and are comfortable with your choice, there is no need to see the doctor every three months or so to get a prescription. Getting an appointment can be costly and time consuming.   

In the age of online shopping, there’s a much faster and more convenient way of getting your birth control medication: you can simply buy the contraceptives online from accredited internet pharmacies like Medzino. Through a brief and confidential online consultation on our site, a U.S. licensed physician will issue you a new prescription for your preferred birth control. Of course, if the physician has concerns that your current choice may not be the most suitable, they may suggest a safer and more effective option. Therefore, to find out what’s best for you, our doctor may ask you about your medical history, pre-existing conditions and any medications you are currenly taking. 

After the prescription has been issued, you can conveniently order your contraceptives online in a heartbeat. They will then be shipped to you in plain, discreet packaging within one or two business days.


One last thing to bear in mind

Hormone-based contraceptives such as pills, rings or patches, aren’t for everyone. The estrogen they contain can be harmful to women aged 35 and older, smokers and women who have migraine headaches.  The biggest concern may be blood clotting (thrombosis).  This risk of thrombosis is higher in smokers, overweight individuals, and females over 35.

If you find yourself in the above risk groups, make sure to discuss the potential risks of hormone-based birth control with your regular doctor or gynecologist. 



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