Can you take the morning after pill twice in one week

The morning after pill is designed for occasional use, so if you need it regularly other forms of contraception might be more suitable for you.

It is possible to take the morning after pill twice in one week, but it is not recommended for regular use. The morning after pill contains a very high dose of hormones. If taken occasionally, the hormones should not be in your body long enough to cause any harmful effects. However, if taken regularly, the high hormone levels could cause negative effects on your body. The exact effects of long-term use of the morning after pill, have not yet been clarified, so if you need to take the morning after pill more than twice a month, it is recommended that you use a more suitable method of contraception.

The non-hormonal IUD (intrauterine device) is the most reliable method of emergency contraception and can be fitted up to 5 days after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy. The non-hormonal IUD can last for 5 years, so you will be protected from pregnancy during that time. Although, if you do wish to become pregnant, the device can be removed by a doctor.

If you regularly have unprotected sex, you are significantly more likely to become pregnant. Therefore, you should explore which birth control methods may be right for you. Condoms and the contraceptive pill are two of the most popular methods, but if you need something with longer-lasting effects you could consider contraceptive implants, injections or IUDs.



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